Gregory Gahm, MD
Faculty Member

Gregory J. Gahm, M.D., is a geriatrician serving as the Medical Director for fourteen nursing homes in the Denver area.  He attended the University of Colorado for undergraduate studies and medical school, followed by a residency in Internal Medicine in Arizona, a Fellowship in Administrative Medicine and Medical Informatics at Harvard and a sabbatical in Clinical Preventive Medicine at Stanford.  He is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine for the University Colorado Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Gahm is actively involved in the helping coordinate influenza recognition and treatment efforts in Colorado and is currently president of the Colorado Medical Director’s Association.  He is also actively involved teaching on geriatric topics in various venues, co-leads a geriatrics journal club and the Vivage Community Ethics Committee, works on clinical research on influenza, appropriate UTI and Skin & Soft Tissue Infection diagnosis and treatment, and thyroid replacement, consults on appropriate use of medications for the Colorado Hospice Consortium, and serves on a variety of committees such as Appropriate Reduction of Antipsychotics in LTC at the health department.

When he is not working, he will almost always be found doing something active outdoors with his wife, children, friends or siblings, reading medical journals, his Bible or the latest Ludlum novel, or cooking alongside his wife.  He is the first to tell friends and colleagues that medicine is simply his hobby, his faith and his family are where his heart truly lies.